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Premium Rosewater

Iran Golab company in line with customer-oriented policy and to keep pace with global development of packing technology, has started to design beautiful and luxurious packages that in addition to its usage possibility can be given as a valuable gift also. Its net weight is 750 ML and it is delivered in four-item packages.


À propos de nous

Iran Golab Company with the management of Mr. Majid Raheb was established on 1328 through relying on the past rich experiences and applying modern machinery. After establishing the giant Iran Golab factory for the first time, it managed to produced hygiene and pasteurized rosewater in Iran and played a critical role in Iran industry development. With regard to special care of the management to quality and export, this company became famous in Iran and others world countries market. Receiving the 12 titles of examplary exporter of the country and giving representative to more than 18 countries in the world, shows the high quality of product of the company and brought the title of master of rosewater to Mr. Majid Raheb. The great interest in production, love in export and job-creating atmosphere increased the motivation of development and employment, and this led to establishment of Shemshad, Dena Cassette, Shemshadnoosh and Hezarcheshmeh companies by the management in short period of time. All of these companies have many honors in the field of production and export. Mr. Majid Raheb after near sixty years of inexorable efforts in the field of production and export, in spite of having many honors like Unforgettable Faces of the Industry,Best Entrepreneur, the Exemplary Industrialist and so on,still with the utmost humility is on ongoing effort in order to promote the production and export .

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