Commerce ministers of Oman and Islamic Republic of Iran visited

When economic exhibition of Iran was being held in Muscat, Mr. Mehdi NematZadeh, the minister of industry, and his Omani counterpart, Mr. Ali ibn Masoud al-Sanidi visited the booth of this company.

Mr. Majid Raheb, the managing director of Raheb Industrial Group, talked about the increased volume of the exports of this company to Oman and the new packaging of luxury rose sweat. Moreover, Mr. NematZadeh told Omani Commerce Minister that he knew Mr. Raheb and GolabRabie for a long time now and emphasized that this complex is one of the best Iranian exporting companies.

It is worth noting that this exhibition is held for five days from 21 January, 2107 to 27 January, 2017 in Muscat, Oman.

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