Use rose sweat and glycerin to be beautiful!

Rose sweat benefits

It contains phenyl ethanol, which is a hardener that fights pimples and blemishes. It is also a mild and natural disinfectant recommended to prevent skin irritation, pimples, and hydration. Moreover, through stimulating blood circulation in subcutaneous veins, it reduces skin flush.

Rose sweat keeps skin pH constant. Thus, use rose sweat and fix pimples, blemishes, and skin flush. It protects your skin against eczema and inflammation and due to its healing and relieving properties, it is used for the spot stung by vermin and sunstrokes. Spray rose sweat after a hard day to cool down and relieve your skin. Generally, rose sweat is a natural and innocuous product for the skin.

Glycerin benefits:

Glycerin is a high-viscosity, oil-like liquid that is not greasy and is fully absorbed by the skin. The most prominent property of glycerin is that it moisturized the skin without making it greasy. Glycerin absorbs moisture and water into the skin and keeps it hydrated and moist.

Glycerin and rose sweat toner:

The combination of rose sweat and glycerin is a perfect toner for the skin that contributes to the balance and nutrition of the skin. Use this toner after washing your face. This toner is available in all pharmacies but you can make it in your house, pour it in a spray bottle, and spray it to your face during the day. This polishes and moisturizes your skin. The exceptional combination of glycerin and rose sweat is miraculous for the skin. Rose sweat has many benefits for the skin. This combination also makes your skin fresh and young and removes wrinkles on your face.

Preparing glycerin and rose sweat toner:

Mix one and a half cup of rose sweat with one-fourth of a cup of glycerin, pour it in a spray bottle, and shake well before use. It is better to spray it on your wrist before spraying it on your face. If you feel any irritations, stop using it.

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